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  2. I think you have a very difficult situation. All you can do is manage it; in brief visits you can't resolve the issue. I would ignore the dog, but as you pass drop, don't toss, super tasty treats. If he comes to you don't face him head on, this can be interpreted as intimidating. Make sure he has somewhere safe to retreat to. Can you get Adaptil? Is comes in various forms including collars and diffusers and mimics a calming hormone produced when bitches have pups. If your parents are willing to work with the dog in your absence that would help a lot but please ask them to find a behaviourist who uses positive methods.
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first post. I would like to start off by saying I know I have made mistakes with this dog. I am looking for some advice please as this is a very stressful situation. I live and work in Asia and my parents live in Europe. I visit home around once a year. My parents got a new, male Jack Russel around 3 years ago. I met the dog when he was 6 months old. They had not trained him. Within 6 weeks I had toilet trained him, trained him to walk on a lead, basic commands and basic behavior (no jumping up, no getting up on the table etc. etc.) We really bonded. After 8 weeks together I returned to Asia and then visited home 14 months later. I thought the dog had remembered me, but I'm not sure. Anyway, while I was gone my parents had trained him on a shock collar to keep him inside our property (I was highly against this). They did this because we had lost another dog on the busy main road. I feel that this made the dog a bit unpredictable. My parents did not upkeep my training, they allowed him to jump on guests and get up on the table etc. etc. The dog did not like to be told what to do. He would snarl at my father when he tried to put him to bed. When I returned I was not aware of the snarling or that my parents were not keeping up my behavior training. So when I saw the dog doing these behaviors I told him 'no'. The dog snarled at me numerous times, which really shocked me. I let him know with a stern voice that he was not to do this to me. Then he would see me later in the day and want to play fetch etc. I came into the house quickly one night and I startled the dog. He became very aggressive and bit my leg (I was wearing thick boots so I wasn't hurt). This obviously really upset me and I felt unsafe in the house. I left to go to Asia the next day so this behavior was not corrected properly. I returned the following year. The dog was so excited to see me (as he is with all guests). But the dog continued to snarl, growl, crouch down and bare teeth at me every time I came down the stairs or came near my mother quickly. He is very protective of her. I was afraid of him so we put the dog into a boarding kennel. I missed the dog, so on my last day we brought him back to our home. I collected him and he was so happy to see me. Back at the house I lifted up my mother's crutches and the dog became very aggressive again. He was afraid I was going to hurt him or my mother. I lowered the crutches and tried to talk to him in a calming and friendly voice. He was snarling, baring his teeth and wagging his tail at the same time.... this was very unusual to me. He would not stop and I ended up having a panic attack before I left for the airport. I am returning to my parent's house in a few weeks for a month. I really want to get along with the dog. I understand that the dog is wary of me as I am practically a stranger to him. He was confused because I was giving him orders. I removed him from his home, which upset him further. However, he still snarls at my father when he tries to put him to bed. They have removed his shock collar thankfully. My family have kept and trained jack russels for over 20 years and this is the first time we have had an aggressive dog. I am planning to not correct the dog's behaviour (jumping on guests etc.) I will give him treats when I enter the kitchen area where he sleeps/lives so he is getting positive reinforcement when he sees me. What should I do when/if he is aggressive towards me? Is there anything my parents can do to prepare the dog for my return? All helpful advice is welcome. Thank you for reading my long post.
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  5. Hi, We got Archie as a 7 month old rescue in March 2015. He had his issues and is still very noise sensitive sometimes but he's changed our lives. I've even become a dog walker so I don't have to leave him at home. He's full of personality and makes a good portrait subject, I love taking photos! This however is an attempt at a video. Hope you like it. Gary & Archie
  6. As to the running, I take my Whippet to racing, on arriving I take her out of the car and we walk round the field. 90% of the time she will poo during this and its firm and well formed. However their are the odd times she doesn't, then after a run, walking back she poo's and when she does its always very soft. One other interesting bit is I notice not only my girl but most Whippets walking back after a race stop and wee, no idea why but they do.
  7. Hi, your family sounds great, I have stayed at Whalesborough Farm Holiday Cottages, Whalesborough Farm, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0JD before, not sure what, (if any), limit they have on number of dogs. I only had two. The dogs and I had a lovely week there.
  8. Dear all, Let me firstly introduce myself and my fur babies. I'm a very young 44 year old (just) married, normally do everything in 3's - 3 children, now 3 grandchildren, was 3 fur babies until just before Christmas when we were asked by our local rescue centre to add another fur baby to our brood. I am known by the family as crazy nanny and yes if it can be done I will make sure we do it. Now to introduce our brood Maya joined the family 7 years ago from the Highlands in Scotland we were her third home, she is around 13/14 years old lab/lurcher cross and in every way the pack leader and a real lady, it took 6 month of hard work to get Maya to where she is today as she was very badly abused from a puppy. Martha joined the family a little over 5 years ago as a 10 week old puppy heading for the pound if no home found, as it was a very unexpected litter, Mom a 6 year old rotti and dad a 8 month old bull mastif - Martha is the Lion out of the Wizard of Oz loves cuddles looks like a teddy bear, but is scared of her own shadow, loves to bark at noises but then runs to you to support her and will sell her sole for a biscuit. Goose joined the family two years ago he is a males sprocker and at the tender age of 3 years has all of those male tendencies, needy, very vocal, massive separation anixienty, but so loving and loves everyone amazing hairstyle - he is with us at work every day. Beatrice joined the family in December as a 10 week old puppy from our local rescue, she is a sprollie seemed nobody wanted her as she was very poorly as a pup and they thought she may need lots of vet treatment, however she has settled lovely with the brood and really grown into a lovely little lady. As you can hopefully read from my intro our fur babies are a big part of our lives, last year when we went on holiday we had a friend house sit and I paid her to stay off work for the week, by day two we missed them that much we went home. This year we want to take them on holiday with us, they all travel well we have a truck with a fully lined back in for them (brand new not been in that part yet as prefer the back seat). Need help on finding somewhere to go as most places will take 1 or 2 dogs not 4. Please help and advise welcomed. Agatha
  9. It's really all coming together now - brilliant news!
  10. That's great to hear. You must be so much happier, you can start to really enjoy having him now.
  11. Ok update on this... rather cowardly and selfishly I have not ventured down the tripe route yet (although I will keep it as an option up my sleeve). Instead I started adding fibre to his food - you can buy it as a supplement for dogs. It has helped enormously - which surprised me as his food (admittedly still dry) is good quality. Just thought I'd post this in case anyone is in similar situation and looking for things to try. The only time his poos are runny (sorry too much info still!) is on a long walk after he has been about 3 times! The 4th and 5th one start to loose form... since all the others are ok I am less worried and also think that it is possibly a sign that we are over exercising him? He goes out once for 50mins in morning and again for about half an hour in evening - he is six months and I am aware of the "five mins per month " rule but that just does not seem quite enough stimulation for him. I have read elsewhere that it is common for this to happen with dogs when they run a lot!
  12. Update a few weeks on.... haven't had a single problem with night or early waking since abandoning the crate. No toileting in house either. He waits until we get up and let him out - sometimes he is so sleepy he doesn't even want to go out! Calmer, happier dog all round. Best of all we are crate free! No ugly metal thing in kitchen! I am sure the crate did play some role in his early toilet training but losing it seemed to speed up the last part and has made everyone more happy and relaxed. Thought I should post this in case others are in my situation - I felt like a "bad mum" for abandoning the crate but in out particular situation it really helped.
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  14. First maybe a vet check to rule out any underlying pain or discomfort that might trigger the growl. You are right to see it as a warning and not push things. It's when we unobservant humans fail to notice what the dog sees as a clear signal to leave him alone that the behaviours escalate to a nip or bite. For resource guarding, in the meantime I would be tempted to either not give rawhide etc or restrict him to eating it in the garden or away from the sofa. He may even be guarding the sofa itself. There is a lot you can do o help resource guarding, such as when you pass drop an extra tasty piece of food by his bowl and never ever remove it as that reinforces his need to guard. Has he always been guardy with food? If so and it is a deeply ingrained behaviour you might need professional help. If you do choose to do that please look for a behaviourist (as opposed to a trainer) who is registered with COAPE or the APBC. This is important because dog behaviour is an unregulated industry and these organisations do make sure their members adhere to standards. Your insurance may cover the cost.
  15. Hello everyone. So we have a beautiful 7 year old Beagle who we love very very much. He is well behaved with other dogs and children and is basically the perfect pet. Except for one thing, he is extremely possessive over food and has recently become aggressive for no reason. So with the food, whenever we give him something that he cant eat immediately (for example a rawhide bone or dentastix etc) he will take it on or under the sofa to eat it. That would be fine except he often forgets to eat it and will sit there growling at anyone who comes near him with his paws on his bone/stick whatever. This is mainly a problem because the sofa he likes to sit on is in the middle of our living room and the family have to walk past it to get anywhere. When we walk past and he is in this mood he obviously feels very threatened and will often growl and snap at us as we walk past even if we ignore him and just try and get through. This has been happening for a quite a while. Sometimes this lasts for hours when we know he needs to go out for a wee or have his dinner so we’ve tried to coax him away from his treat with other food or his favourite toys but he isn’t all interested (Even in our steak dinners) when he is in one of these moods and we often get into a situation where he feels threatened by our attention and therefore gets more aggressive. Obviously it sounds like we should just leave him alone but sometimes this lasts for hours and it has in the past happened overnight where he just wont eat the treat so will still be guarding it into the morning when he definitely needs to go out for a wee. More recently however, he has started to growl seemingly for no reason. He is a very happy and sociable dog most of the time who loves to sit with us and cuddle us so its been a bit shocking recently when he's growled at us when we sit near him and the same as above basically happens. Any attempt to stroke gets a loud growl and obviously we don't try to push him by actually stroking him because we understand a growl is a warning sign. We just can’t understand why he is being like this. Sorry this is so long we just love him and we want him to be happy and not feel threatened or scared. We are also a bit worried about having children over in case he gets like this and they don't heed his warning and someone ends up being bitten. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated we are quite desperate. Thanks !!!xx
  16. What about using a long line then? Make sure it is attached to a harness rather than a collat though.
  17. 10% off all orders until 31st May 2017. Use code "maybankholiday" in the Web Store. Discount will automatically be applied to email orders.
  18. Hi everyone, I'm a journalist and I'm looking into problems with insurers not paying out for spurious reasons on pet insurance claims. Can you get in touch with me if you've had any issues and I can look into them for you? My email is
  19. Thanks. They are 2 puppies of similar age playing with each other. The 10 month old is being overpowered by the 5 month old all the time and he doesnt fight back much. Hes quite easy going. She is extremely difficult to catch even on a trailing lead as she is so fast. And jumps on him quicker than i can get to her. It often takes me a while to catch up with her and pull her off him. I want to train her and she is getting a little better the more she is socialising but she is not getting when to stop.
  20. The Daily Newspaper: Other animal smells and marking points where the wildlife leave their "calling" cards to say who has passed this way !
  21. That sound great, apart from the rising smell I did have to read the newspaper bit twice to understand what you meant!
  22. As a sight hound owner I have to add that the breed type needs to be taken into account. Quite a few people are convinced that fit and healthy sight hounds are underweight.
  23. They both look in lovely shape I was looking into this myself a while ago and came across this handy graph just to put my mind at ease condition score chart dogs.pdf you may find it helpful too!
  24. I love my girls, but "5" is just missing that 1 to 1 relationship that you can have with only 1 dog. We have to give them all a share of ourselves and they give back as much as they possibly can, (we can't sit and cuddle 24hrs a day ) but we do have some fantastic walks on the Downs, the dogs stay close and read the news papers that others have left behind from earlier.(foxes, badgers, rabbits, etc. ) We try to be as fair as possible without any favourites. BUT !! Oh how I miss that 1 to 1 relationship ! At this moment there are 5 digs all sitting around my feet stinking the house out. They stole a load of fatty meat that I was going to put out for the rooks. Every few minutes there is a warn stench that rises from someone's bottom . Aah Bliss !!!!!
  25. @BigPaws , @debbie1123If someone likes one of my posts I get a notification, but I don't see WHO has liked it. Maybe I am just being narcissistic but it would be good to know. Is that something that can be tweaked (or maybe I have a secret admirer who wants to stay anonymous). Or maybe it's just my settings!
  26. Don't be shy - tell us your story!
  27. She went straight away when I got her and had advocet and drontal, Vet very happy with her it's me that worries after my other little dog was so ill with liver probs. Thank you both so much for you help Christina x
  28. Hi Christina if you are worried about little ones swollen tummy take her to the vet to have it checked. When did she get wormed? I am not sure how long the worming process takes lol. See how Daisy May goes tonight and if you are still worried about her in the morning book her in to see the vet. It may be normal but it will put your mind at rest. X
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