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  1. As to the running, I take my Whippet to racing, on arriving I take her out of the car and we walk round the field. 90% of the time she will poo during this and its firm and well formed. However their are the odd times she doesn't, then after a run, walking back she poo's and when she does its always very soft. One other interesting bit is I notice not only my girl but most Whippets walking back after a race stop and wee, no idea why but they do.
  2. Hi, your family sounds great, I have stayed at Whalesborough Farm Holiday Cottages, Whalesborough Farm, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0JD before, not sure what, (if any), limit they have on number of dogs. I only had two. The dogs and I had a lovely week there.
  3. As a sight hound owner I have to add that the breed type needs to be taken into account. Quite a few people are convinced that fit and healthy sight hounds are underweight.
  4. Adding to excuseme's full explanation, although raw green tripe is smelly every dog I have fed it to absolutely loves it.
  5. I guess that would be possible for some people, and some dogs. For example I recently lost a Shih Tzu, now I would not have any worry about leaving him behind, his personality would have overcome any problem, I always considered him as being one of life's perpetual optimists, he met everything with a waggy tail convinced things would turn out fine. So if he had been re homed provided he was looked after properly he would have settled down and enjoyed himself. My Whippet on the other hand is very attached to me, ok when she's with me she is happy to meet people but I tend to think if she was left she would not settle.
  6. A sad read indeed, but it brings to mind a problem I have turning over in my mind, I'm in my 70's, live on my own with a wonderful dog. I am perfectly happy, but which is the best, or the least worst, option. Either I could get a second dog that would hopefully live past my present one but obviously the older I get the more the chance that I would leave a dog behind. Or I could not in which case theirs a good chance I will finish up without a dog. One small point, I have never yet lived without at least one dog as my parents had dogs when I was born and we got our first dog when my wife and I were getting married. And being honest the idea of not having one does not appeal in the slightest. But my present Whippet, with the way she is attached to me, would be devastated to be left behind. So a dilemma for me that I will have to solve but no idea what to do.
  7. arealhuman, one not very serious method you can use to keep cats away is to have a Whippet with access to the garden, my little girl makes sure no cats are ever seen in mine let alone have enough time to go to a toilet.
  8. Thank you all, but I cant take credit, to me its simple, if the dog succeeds its her, if she fails at anything its down to me.
  9. I think the problem with a survey on this posted here is you are automatically getting the attention of people that are very much into dogs, not the average dog owner.
  10. A dog sitter I sometimes use insists that any new dog goes to her for a day before agreeing to accept it for any longer period, that way she can find out for herself how the dog acts. Even though I have been friendly with her for years she still wanted my dogs for a day first.
  11. Just want to say my lovely girl Folly last night passed the KC Good Citizen Gold. I am over the moon, yes I know it does not compare to obedience championships but to me its brilliant.
  12. Put simply, as far as I know unless specifically banned under a local authority order dogs are allowed in all public places.
  13. I agree I started watching expecting the usual programme that makes me get angry and switch off but I enjoyed it. And they gave quite a bit of good info on getting your dog to respond.
  14. We once took in a very old Dachshund after its owners died within a week. No idea how old she was but definitely very old. One day she was out with our other dogs, meandering along enjoying herself when she just collapsed, going to her she had died, we assumed it was her heart that gave up but we never found out. Distressing at the time but looking back, for her it was a brilliant way to go, enjoying herself when suddenly the lights went out.
  15. Hello, their is an organisation, called Dog AID, they show you how to train your own dog to be an assistant dog. Fortunately I haven't been in a position to need them so I can not say how good they are.