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  1. That must be such a relief, good for you.
  2. eingana Well said
  3. Hello, Most definitely a friendly forum, we try to help too.
  4. Can you tell me which dogs teeth are designed for grinding ANY corn and where in the world a wild canine animal can find grain as a regular food source for 52 weeks of the year ? This was asked in my previous post and you have not answered my question. Have you any idea why so much waste and bulky poo's are produced and excreted from our dogs bottoms ? As you have done I have copied the following paragraphs! Commercial diets; In the early 20th century, food producers in the United States came up with a novel to sell the large amounts of leftover, poor-quality meat, gristle, viscera and cereal by-products that they could not hide in sausages: they put it in tins (a new invention then ) and called it "dog food". For the first time in history, people could buy food specially made for their dogs, The idea caught on, and soon people forgot that they used to simply feed their dogs raw meat and bones and vegetable scraps- a broad variety of foods which, being minimally processed retained their nutritional value. Today we find ourselves bombarded with pet-food advertisements for "this" tinned brand or "that" dry brand or "this" sausage preparation or that super-chew. There are so many processed dog foods to choose from that we don't know where to turn. We have forgotten about the basics in our drive for convenience. Admittedly, we all try to buy the best for our wonderful dogs, but ask yourself the following;(a) If this food is as great as they say it is, why aren't they giving it to people to eat ? - astronauts or soldiers, for example ? And (b) Would I eat this stuff or feed it to my children? Convenient disease; So why do we feed processed food to our dogs? In a word, convenience. But how convenient is it when, because of eating processed food, your pet develops a persistent itch, eczema, dental problems, smelly breath, an inhalant allergy, colitis, food hypersensitivity, lethargy, a dull or scruffy coat, kidney disease, or rheumatoid arthritis- to name but a few ? Our dogs are survivors but unfortunately these days not all are "healthy" ! This is the UK, not AMERICA. Just in case you are confused !.
  5. Dear Peegee, Please don't feel like a failure. The Halti is a marvellous item to use, it is not severe and I find that dogs are easier to control by just turning their heads, they learn to walk loosely with the halti on and are such a pleasure after all of the normal tugging. Halti's do not have to be tightly fitted. My old chap wore the Halti whenever we went out for lead walks, he learnt to walk loosely very quickly and I could hold the lead between finger and thumb, as that is all that was needed ! However if I was to ever use the lead attached to his collar his head would go straight down to sniff as much as he could and tension would be felt through the lead. I like loose leads when they are attached not tight ones. Enjoy your walks.
  6. Fantastic, the icons at the top of this page have been darkened and are much easier to see. Thank you. Could we now have a Log in button and a Log out button that is easier to find too PLEASE !!!
  7. Maybe "Leashed for Life" can explain which teeth of a dog is designed for grinding oats or corn of any type. A dog wether it is a "wild dog" or a "Wolf" cannot grind any form of grain with the teeth it has naturally evolved with. Neither can any wild canine aquire such a food as "Grain" for 52 weeks of the year. Where ever our canine family live in the world naturally, grain is only seasonal. If whole grain is consumed by a dog it goes straight through un digested! And cats die from eating a vegetarian diet ??!!! So what about the hundreds of thousands, cats that eat poor quality complete kibbles that are based on grain (vegetarian) with little or no meat at all but just a little flavouring. They may not be very healthy but somehow cats manage to survive on poor quality foods much as our dogs do. but there are not loads of blind or even "Dead" cats lying about the countryside
  8. Happy Birthday Have a nice day
  9. I agree, a gorgeous puppy
  10. Please remember to covet the crate with a blanket to make it more "Den" like, which can make it feel much more secure and not so much just a cage/crate !
  11. He's lovely !! The angle of the picture does not make him look underweight.
  12. Do we get any pictures of him ? PLEASE !!!
  13. Are you sure that you are not trying to feed him too much food in the attempt of putting weight on him. A lean dog is often much healthier and happier than a heavyweight. Are you able to give him some raw products and reduce his kibble, you may find that raw chicken wings or wet green tripe could help with a delicate tummy, these are easy to digest and with loads of nutrition too. The good calcium in the chicken wings can very often help firm up our doggies poo's and the lovely natural enzymes in the wet green tripe are also very helpful for the digestive system.
  14. We use a free standing fan both for ourselves and the dogs, it keeps the air moving and a lot fresher too. Curtains are left closed and windows too as sometimes this lets in more heat when open. If we can leave the back door and front door open when we are home this also creates air movement although as with the windows it may let too much heat in!!
  15. We did wonder a while ago if someone had "leaky" knickers because of the wet patches that we would sometimes find on their fleeces and bedding. But we have since discovered it is one particular little person who sometimes sucks her bedding ! Aah "Bliss"