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  1. Well done you! Can you share a little of what the behaviourists advice was?
  2. Let them do it for you. Encourage them to tell her off. If they won't do it, because they worry about what you are thinking of them, then try to find an older bitch to walk her with. They are mostly very intolerant of adolescent behaviour. The more you get involved the muddier the water gets. If' that doesn't work and another dog is too tolerant of her behaviour then try to teach her a signal like "enough". If she doesn't stop pestering then catch her quickly and put her on lead until she calms down. Let her go play again but be prepared to keep repeating until she realises that if she doesn't calm down when she hears "enough" then she will be back on lead again, ending all her fun. You might have to leave a trailing lead on her at first so that the "enough" is followed quite quickly by the end of her fun. If it takes too long to catch her she will not know why she is in the sin bin.
  3. Too modest
  4. Fantastic news!
  5. You're welcome
  6. Hello and welcome
  7. Puppy pads just teach dogs to wee indoors! It takes longer to house train a dog that uses them
  8. Willow was a diva! She could not possibly lay on hard ground or wet ground. A nice mattress of ivy? Don't mind if I do!
  9. Yes it is risky but you will have to do it sometime
  10. Glad to be of help Hope you get some sleep!
  11. I think it is possible. I hope so for your sake. If it is working then it is probably best not to give other remedies . I also think you are spot on with all the poo eating theories.
  12. Would a poo in the kitchen be such a disaster given that you are so tired? It is hard to see the wood for the trees when you are exhausted. If it went on and on (the poo at night) then you might have to think again.
  13. I like leather collars and leads. They are quite hard to find now though. The last one I got was from a company called Black Dog (or similar).
  14. The one on the left is Tigan, my current dog, and the Whippet is Willow my last dog. The pictures seem a bit blurry? I will try to get one of Gypsy the subject of my username. We lost her soon after this was taken Not sure why she is looking so startled. It was Christmas time so that might explain it
  15. I will give it a try too!