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  1. We made a dreadful mistake with our last dog by doing everything we could to relieve her stress at thunder and fireworks except ignore her! Consequently the whole thing got so way out of control and all we were doing was upping the anti, so as she got worse, we tried harder and the whole thing became unbearable, and she was terrified. All we were doing, of course, was making it such a big deal. I've since learnt that we should have adopted the methods described by Gypsymum and last year our puppy was not the least bothered with the fireworks, she is yet to experience thunder, but hopefully if we just act normally she will do the same,. This certainly worked when she was younger and quite worried at other dogs barking out of sight,. We just ignored it carried on walking. She's now not bothered.
  2. Thanks Leashedforlife. Will continue with the recalls.
  3. Great name Joanne. Not sure I want to go as far as boarding them though Gypsysmum. One dog and one cat quite enough!
  4. Okey doke, will keep at it.
  5. Yes you're probably right, especially as we are only there once or twice a month. Still it's not a major problem in the scheme of things.
  6. Welcome. What a lovely dog and beautiful eyes. This is a great forum with some very knowledgeable members who have helped me enormously over the last year with my dog, now 14 months.
  7. That's really helpful Gypsysmum. I might try this when we next visit my grandchildren,. Our dog just cannot leave their Guinea pigs alone, she is completely obsessed with them. If in their cage she just sits in front of it staring at them, occasionally jumping up if they move too fast. If they are in their run on the grass she just lays by the side with eyes glued to them, they naturally are none too happy with this interest. The positive side, of course, is that it keeps her out of any mischief and we always know exactly where she is!!
  8. Thanks all. Evie has only run off and really out of sight a couple of times. The first time I thought I'd lost her and ran home to get my husband to come and help. when we eventually found her back where she'd run off, she did appear to be very distressed, not because I was angry which I wasn't, just relieved, but because she had lost us. We are lucky that nearly all our walks are miles from any roads so I'm not worried about that and if she chases after deer or scent then I feel confident that she will come back eventually. The problem mainly is if we're walking on the beach or on the common for instance and there are people sitting on the ground, then she has to run up to them and often jump all over them in her excitement,. It is on these occasions that she mostly completely ignores us and it is extremely embarrassing to say the least. I am very apologetic and tell them she is still a puppy but not sure how long I can get away with that one! She's now 14 months.
  9. Thanks Gypsysmum. My husband is adamant that this was a one off! I don't think it's appeasing behaviour, she does genuinely seem perfectly happy and keen to get her bit of cheese/sausage (now delivered in bigger pieces). She doesn't appear worried or cautious in any way. Evie sounds the same as yours with regard to deer/foxes or anything really that runs in the opposite direction. If they just stood still and faced her then she'd run back to me, no problem. It's reassuring to hear that your dog is 3 and still a work in progress. I shall continue with the recalls. What do you do if your dog doesn't come back - i know I shouldn't keep calling her and I will go and get her if I can, but if she's a distance away, should I stop calling her and wait until I think she might respond?
  10. I think a child is playing a recorder and he's howling!
  11. I did have the same thought Biker John, about human reproduction not being an indicator of adulthood. Unfortunately she totally ignored my husband this morning and also jumped up at a woman so he marched her back home without a walk!! i think he believes that will teach her a valuable lesson!
  12. Thanks again for your help. When I say she's pleased with herself, I mean when she responds to a recall (even if it's when she fancies) she always comes bounding back at full speed and skids to a halt waiting expectantly, she never returns cautiously or slowly. One other thing, if she ignores my calling her I've been advised that I shouldn't keep calling her as this just reinforces the fact that she can ignore me, if she's fairly close by then I would usually go over to her and get her, what should I do if she is a distance away and I really need her to come to me?
  13. Thanks Eingana. That's interesting about moving sideways and not pulling back, that makes perfect sense. Fortunately she is not a strong dog and my problem wasn't that she would lung at other dogs or drag me around just that she was constantly walking faster than me and always at the end of her lead, which not only hurt my shoulder and was very irritating but also madeher choke and splutter all the time, which can't have been good for her. I was really hoping to resolve this with training but despite my best efforts she just couldn't contain herself, so the halti it is, and I must say any time on the lead is so much more pleasant now, for both of us!
  14. Thank you so much for your helpful replies. I will definitely introduce the 'star' awards and include an occasional no treat award. To your questions Eingana, she is a cocker/poodle cross (Cockapoo) and is medium sized, 11kg. Gypsysmum, when she's been distracted but does eventually come back, she is always so pleased with herself, should that be a 'big' occasion or a less rewarding one for her? What I want to do, of course, is be really cross, but I do manage to hide that and reward her for coming back.