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  1. Thanks Joanne. I did think that might be the issue but the trainers where we've been going isince she was tiny suggested it was also a personality trait and was flirty behaviour. She used to be a lot less confident and would often lie on her tummy when she saw a new dog, now she gets very excited wagging tail and running towards them before sitting 'nicely' a few feet away, it's when they come up to her that she starts displaying this submissive type of behaviour,. If any dog shows signs of play then she is very happy to charge around with them. She is happy to go on walks with other dogs, including a very large Doberman. you have reassured me that this is a confidence issue and I'm happy that I'm pretty sure she isn't too anxious and will hopefully grow out of it. I've just realised that there is a very boisterous male Doberman (a different one) at our training class who is always lunging at her and trying to get to her, when he's let of lead people have to stand in front of us to stop him getting at her. He's not aggressive, just very interested. He is quite intimidating and perhaps this isn't helping her confidence.
  2. She was spayed at 5 months, before her first season and on advice from vet. I love the photo! Evie did go though a period when she was humping anything but seems to have worked through that one. I think it was Gypsysmum who suggested that might be due to over excitement and not knowing what to do with herself and that sounds about right. Will wait to hear further about the 'tarty' behaviour.
  3. Welcome Christina. She's gorgeous. Afraid I'm no expert on the food front and will leave it for one of the 'experts' on the forum but just wanted to say welcome,. This is a really helpful forum.
  4. My female, spayed, dog who has just turned 1 displays some very dubious behaviour when approached by or approaches another dog. She often either lays on her back with legs akimbo or just squats and lifts one leg. She does this especially with males but also females. They, of course, are very pleased to sniff or even lick her. Can anyone explain what this behaviour means and will she grow out of it as she gets older. Also should I be concerned about this or is it just part of her development. Thanks.
  5. Ah, that's lovely Joanne. A really nice experience to help replace the sad one.
  6. Thanks areal human for posted these. Brut as Joanne says it does sound a bit unpleasant, we would also need quite a bit to spread around all our borders,. Pretty sure the bottle of water wouldnt work for us, as we sometimes give these to Evie to play with. Although I have heard of these being used for keeping cats off flower beds. Although no idea if they are effective. I'd also heard that orange peel kept cats away - again pretty sure wouldn't work for our dog as she'd probably eat them! I think I'll continue with trying to train her off the flower beds or just wait until she's older and less boisterous!
  7. I'll have to admit that we also have a cat! So am not worried about other cats. We have tried little picket fences but Evie just jumps over them. I might have a go at the pepper/chilli mix - not sure how you make this into a 'spray' though. Any ideas areal human?
  8. I'll be interested to hear the answer to this one! My dog loves tearing round the garden, racing from one flower bed to another, usually with one of her soft toys in her mouth. She never sits on the lawn and much prefers to lay in the flower beds usually on top of a comfy shrub!! And that's when she's not digging them up. We have some small wooden fences which we move around the beds whenever she seems to have a new favourite spot. Favourite/expensive shrubs are shrouded in nets. I'm now trying to rush out every time she walks onto the flower beds telling her 'off' and treating when she steps onto the path. Even started throwing some of her kibble across the lawn to make that exciting! It's difficult to maintain consistency though as I really should be with her the whole time she's in the garden, which is very difficult. Perhaps Gypsysmum has some pearls of wisdom on this one.
  9. What's happened!! Thought I'd got the wrong website and tried again!! Was only when I saw some familiar names that I realised what must have happened. I also hate upgrades/change and never use Facebook either. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to persevere.
  10. Welcome. This is a great forum with some very knowledgeable dog owners, always happy to offer support and advice. They have helped me enormously over last year.
  11. Not at all. We use Canagan. We've also introduced raw chicken/duck wings a couple of times a week and also pilchards once a week. Our dog seems to really enjoy the variety.
  12. I'm in West Sussex and pay £40 per visit, every six weeks. Shampoo, cut, blow dry and nails. She's there for about two hours.
  13. Thanks Tomgregn. I'll take another look but this does sound quite expensive. We currently use a high quality kibble but only works out to about £1 per day!
  14. My female Cockapoo was done at five months, following vets advice. She was absolutely fine and is now 11 months. The vet discussed the pros and cons and I then took their considered advice.. There are lots of different opinions on this but as far as I'm concerned, I treat the vet much as I would the doctor for myself, they are the experts.
  15. So sorry JoanneF, what a horrible thing to have seen. Difficult to remove images once you've seen them. But, you never know, perhaps he did make it.