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  1. That sound great, apart from the rising smell I did have to read the newspaper bit twice to understand what you meant!
  2. Don't be shy - tell us your story!
  3. Sat on the couch in front the TV, with my dog's head in my lap, softly stroking the very soft and luxurious fur behind his ears. -and- Lazy Sunday morning in bed (after his 05.45 walk \0/) when he jumps up and stretches out on the duvet between me and my wife, turns upside down with paws in the air and just looks at me, waiting for a cuddle so we can both go back to sleep. This almost makes up for his barking at other dogs. Almost What's your definition of bliss?
  4. Thanks for the update, I'm really happy he's happy. Please keep us posted.
  5. Sorry I can't help, but the title of your post drew me in and I'll admit I did laught a little bit. Sorry. It does sound like Saturday in the town where I live, but with "people" of course (I use the word people loosely )
  6. Glad you're feeling better. But what's this? Parents teaching children manners? I wish they'd export some of that to us.
  7. I had similar thoughts, but was just repeating what I found. Not saying it's good or bad By the way, the water bottle thing doesn't seem to work. I have quoted quotes - like I have yours above this text - by using the " button. All of them in my post above appear in their own seperate quote boxes
  8. I'm far from experienced or qualified to respond to this, but how did they diagnose arthritis? Was he scanned/x-rayed? Is surgery an option - both medically and financially? I'm so sorry to read about the problems Bruno has and I hope that something can be done to get him at least some way back to how he was.
  9. OK, so first session done. We've been told we need to work on our dog's focus on us, so we're starting some clicker/treat-based training which he seems reasonably receptive to although we haven't started this regime in anger yet (waiting for trainer's supporting notes). Once he gets better at that, we're going to look at how he reacts to other dogs. I'll post more updates as things progress
  10. Hi JoanneF - how are you feeling now? I hope you're feeling better.
  11. Hi Peegee, Here are some of the results I've found online, not tried any yet (they are a copy/paste not my own text): And I have seen this repeated a few times across various sites, if it works it might be the easiest solution: Hope that helps!
  12. I do think the colour of the buttons or background need changing as I can just make them out on a PC screen (they're the same colour). I don't have a logout option when I hover like you suggested in this part of the forum, perhaps I will from the main page... ... OK, tried it and it's actually my forum user name that displayed to the right of my profile image, although you can't see it as it's white text on a white background. Clicking/dragging across it will display it. If I click that I get a pop-up window with some options including logout, so thanks for that.
  13. Is it possible to tweak the colour scheme? The existing user login on my screen is the same colour as the forum background (white) and I have to highlight that part of the screen to see it to log in, unless I'm prompted when reading/replying to a post. Sorry to ask this, I know site admins get inundated with such requests following a change.
  14. Thanks Biker John
  15. In these situations, is it possible to stipulate - say in a Will - that if a dog survives you it should be cared for by a nominated person? If this person is introduced to the dog and gets to know them, the wrench of going to new people after the death of an owner could possibly be lessened.