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Puppy diarrhoea constantly

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#1 bombolone


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Posted 21 April 2017 - 09:45 AM

My puppy has had diarrhoea constantly since we got him.  He is almost 5 months and we got him at 8 weeks.  


His first poo of the day is firm-ish and all subsequent ones runny in varying degrees.  


I now realise that many of my other 'problems' with the puppy could be stemming from this - e.g.  night waking etc.


We had his stool tested at by the vet and everything was clear.


We have tried 4 different food brands in the hope that would help.  We do not overfeed him as far as I am aware.  His appetite is huge and he is very skinny.  He eats EVERYTHING though e.g. in garden, twigs, soil, bark, his own poo (gross).


Not sure what to do next.


Foods we have tried:

Lily's Kitchen



and he is now on Millie's Wolfheart Countryside (which he loves)

We err on the 'too little' side and take treats from his daily ration wherever possible.


On Millie's Wolfheart's suggestion we are about to start on a different Millie's formulation with slightly less protein (60/40 instead of 70/30).


Some have said that exercise can make puppy's poo runny and it's fine but a couple of other people have said to me that that may be true but it really isn't 'right'...  Given that he is skinny and always hungry I would tend to agree with the latter.  He won't be getting all the nutrients he needs.


Does anyone here have any experience of similar problems or thoughts for a resolution?  



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