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  2. NEW OWNERS: we need a way to be able to notify admin about cr@p like this and have it removed
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  6. "Google" Quick release leather slip leads, there are loads on ebay!
  7. Of course there quick release clips for "running" dogs over here. A friend used to have them for his lurchers. Something for me to "Google". I'm sure someone on this forum will help you. Scroll down to the "Working and Lure Coursing" section. I'm sure you could ask someone there.
  8. A friend bought a quick release collar to use on his Whippet at racing, his dog is so keen to get in the trap it was hard to take its collar off. I do not know who made it but he had to buy it from the USA.
  9. Hi, I run with my dog and trying to unclasp the lead from the collar quickly with current clasps is just about the most annoying thing in my day - AND I HAVE CHILDREN. Hooking onto the dog collar is not too bad, but could be easier and sometimes the clasps And debris gets into the spring mechanisms n stops them working completely!!! Is there a more modern, safer, Quick release clasp out there or do people just buy what they know, therefore companies make what they buy?
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  11. Hi Joanne, We will look into this and see what can be done!
  12. Thought I would share these articles from the Breakthrough dog food website. Breakthrough is the brainchild of Val Strong, one of the top behaviourists in the country and a Director of COAPE. She was a Medical Scientist before she became a behaviourist. The food is intended for dogs with behaviour problems. I am using it, and finding it helpful, on Tigan. If you want to work on your dog's noise phobia then check out the cd's that are available to de sensitise your dog before the firework season gets here in earnest.
  13. What a good thing you kept going back! Our vets is a husband and wife team with one other vet employed. I've seem all three of them at some point. I agree the next time I go I'll ask to see a specialist. Lilly has now been well for 6 nights!! I'll keep you posted. Thank you for all your help and advice.
  14. If your vet is fed up with seeing you then they start to think outside the box. Vets see cases of diarrhoea several times in each surgery session and there are at least two surgery sessions a day. They can become a bit blasé about it. If you keep seeing the same vet it may trigger them to think that this is not normal in any dog. If you think they are not taking you seriously then ask for a referral to a specialist. There are some neurotic owners out there and you just have to convince your vet that you are not one of them. My old lurcher had a sore on her toe that just refused to heal. I took her to the vets' several times and they gave the usual advice about keeping it clean and preventing it from rubbing against the next toe (!). This entailed me dressing the foot several times a day. My back was killing me from all the bending and bandaging! I, eventually, asked for the clinical director of the practice when I next phoned for an appointment. I saw her a couple of times and she then became concerned about the non healing toe. She did bloods which threw up a thyroid problem and, eventually. a tumour on her adrenal gland was discovered. Such a tiny, tiny symptom, that I am sure I was labelled as being a bit neurotic over, was caused by a major problem.
  15. I have seen crusty nipples before now. I thought, at the time, it was just worth keeping an eye on for any signs of inflammation etc. This is not, however, a veterinary opinion and any concerns should be addressed to your vet.
  16. I agree but with the caveat that we can't see exactly where it is in relation to the rest of your dog's body - a wider photo would help. And can anybody else add to the mention of it crusting - that would be a slight concern for me.
  17. Ha ha Lilly's the same, doesn't like getting her feet wet. I know where the muddy puddles are on my walk so I'm quite good at keeping her from them. Odd occasions she has out smarted me but I've not known her to be ill on those occasions. I think my vet latched on to the Giardia harbouring idea because nothing else has every shown up on the tests apart from this. But that was when she was 8 weeks old and again not long after that. She's 2 and a half now and still getting ill with negative test results. The last vet just said it could be anything and didn't seem worried. I think he's fed up of seeing me ha ha. She was well last night, I'm hoping whatever it was is out of her system. But I can never relax because I'm always waiting for it to happen again. She's out with the dog walker today and last Wednesday night she was ill. Lets see what happens tonight.
  18. I'm not sure if this is something we can just change our settings for - but I get alerts that 'someone' has liked a post. I might be a bit narcissistic but I'd quite like to know who! Is that something the liker or the likee (?) can change?
  19. Thankyou all for your replies and comments. We love the friendly community and we do not want this to change - EVER! The only changes we plan to make will be for the benefit of everyone using dogforum. It's exciting! Have taken your comments on board about introducing a vet or veterinary nurse to the forum. Please bare with us though at this new and busy time.
  20. No need to apologise. We are all here to learn. Now you know something you didn't know before
  21. I do so feel for you. Let's hope that something comes from you keeping a diary. When Tigan had his diarrhoea recently the vet asked if he drank from puddles. He wouldn't go near a puddle, normally, in case he got his feet wet (ha ha) but he had been drinking from them just before the diarrhoea. Local dog walkers reported a spate of v + d in dogs and their vets had blamed it on "something in the soil" that happens in hot weather. Now, are these two things linked, and are the vets all talking about Giardia? I have asked the new moderators on this forum if they can recruit a vet or a vet nurse to explain all these things (I did work as a vet nurse when I first left school but I am not admitting how many years ago that was!)
  22. She is a small whippet. Her mum was only 16" and Lilly seems a tiny bit smaller. She can hold it for a very long time! if it's raining she will hold it longer!! She does a last pee at 9.30-10pm but not a poo. The vet asks for a sample from 3 different poos. The last test was from one of her nightly bouts. I picked them up in the morning from 3 different places. It could be that the bacteria died before it got to the vets if the antibiotics were still in her system? Can that happen? I walk her in the forest every lunchtime which is very muddy at the min. May be it's even still in my garden! What a minefield it is! Mushrooms, mouldy bread (we live next to a pond and people leave bread everywhere for the ducks and birds), acorns, Ivy, toads (we have one behind the shed and she barks at it at night) .... I'm suprised I've managed to keep her alive this long!! ha ha!
  23. You're very welcome
  24. Hello! No bothered about any changes as long as stuff continues to work properly Have hosted/run/administered many online forums over the years ad I know the workload that can be involved, so best wishes to all concerned. I've not been here that long, but everyone has been friendly and helpful, long may it continue.
  25. sorry I didn't realised male dogs had nipples. thanks
  26. He's a boy, OK Boys also have nipples!! What about your partner / husband !
  27. Hello, I too just hate change !! , I love the friendliness ( with no "bitching" or "bullying" tactics ) of everyone here it will be sad if the change were to disrupt this friendly forum. I agree with gypsysmum2 about having a vet on board, but maybe one with (conventional, holistic and raw feeding understanding too.) who could be more open and understand all methods of treatments and remedies. Did any of that make any sense ?
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