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  1. A friend bought a quick release collar to use on his Whippet at racing, his dog is so keen to get in the trap it was hard to take its collar off. I do not know who made it but he had to buy it from the USA.
  2. On a different track have you thought of putting a muzzle on her when you take her out. We often come across two goldies that are muzzled simply to reduce their scavenging. They do get some people giving them a wide berth obviously thinking the dogs are vicious but they are typically goldies very happy friendly dogs.
  3. Sandra, first sorry to say but green tripe is the smelly stuff. For going away, just an overnight works fine, obviously the food has defrosted by feeding time but that ok as you feed it defrosted. Any longer takes a bit of planning but so far I've managed it, taking enough, well wrapped together and knowing I could use a freezer when we got there.
  4. I feed my Whippet a raw diet and am very happy with her, I know some people do it themselves but for me I use the pre prepared frozen. Their are quite a few firms that supply them, I know they all say its completely balanced but taking a just in case track I use three different ones, (Wolftucker, Nutrement and Natural Instinct). Now I can not say if a change would help your girl but I have heard of quite a few that have changed over to raw and seen improvements in many areas. My girl has been on it all her life so I can not compare.
  5. Just to add, if you do contact a good breeder expect to get asked a LOT of questions. I have never bred but I have bought quite a few over the years and I have come to the conclusion that it must be easier to adopt a child than to get a puppy from a good breeder. They are really careful about where their pups go and I agree with them I would keep well away from those that appear to be willing to sell to whoever turns up with the cash.
  6. My Whippet is strange with bones, chicken wings and necks she is fine with, but any others, she carries it round making silly noises, goes outside buries it. Then digs it up and carries it around again before burying it again, this carries on for ages before she eventually eats it.
  7. Similar to the off lead, people using an extendable lead near a road with the dog at the end.
  8. Must say I'm the same, my Folly is not a baby or my kid, she's a dog and much loved because she's a dog with a lovely temperament. As to clothing, as she's a Whippet she has warm coats waterproof coats and warm and waterproof coats, but no other breed I have had have ever been dressed.
  9. I agree V.I. Warshawski and Precious Ramotswe are two very enjoyable characters. One series I have got into recently is the Marcus Didius Falco series by Lindsey Davis. Its set in ancient Rome, and have to say they are easy reads, the sort that you just keep reading. And yes I did know about the problems with never cry wolf, but still enjoyed reading it. Haggard wrote quite a few and after Nada I went on to read them all, (though I was convinced that Nada was his best), and can remember going to the library and realising I had read every one and has he was dead he wouldn't be writing any more. This must be about 60 yrs ago but can still remember the feeling.
  10. The book that changed me from some one that can read to being a reader was 'Nada the Lily' by H Rider Haggard, It was an old book at the time and is well over 100 yrs old now, but I still have fond memories of it and came across a good copy in a second hand book shop a few years ago and of course I just had to buy it. Now I do tend to read crime just escapist but that's fine with me. One other that I came across and enjoyed reading was 'Never cry Wolf' by Farley Mowat, (I do wonder if his name attracted me to pick it up first).
  11. A 1935 Morris 8, After learning to drive and passing my test I kept it for 3 yrs. But then needing to travel more and being a touch worried about its reliability due to its age I left it with my brother, and he's still got it. Mind he is an old car nut. He has the Morris, a 1947 Riley and a 1959 Mini. One of them is always off road getting stripped and re built which he enjoys.
  12. I have often wondered about dogs being selective about their recall. I know my Whippet is great most of the time, but when she sees a rabbit or squirrel she's off after it and will not respond. But I know that I'm a reader and often during my life I've been reading when someone, normally my wife, pokes me and I realise she has been talking to me. Now honestly it's not a case of me ignoring her it is that I have not heard her because I am so absorbed. So I tend to think the Whippet is the same, some prey to chase so her brain is completely taken over by the chase and she does not actually hear me. Fortunately larger things don't interest her and rabbits go under ground quickly and squirrels go up a tree so the chase is soon over.
  13. LeashedForLife, She was from a small but successful show breeder. I got her at 8 weeks and as soon as we could go out we did. She has been well socialised, she has been to puppy socialising classes, training classes, ring craft etc. Plus we have been to some shows and she goes to racing. In general I would say that apart from large black dogs she classifies as follows: Dogs, Sight Hounds and then Whippets. With of course Whippets at the top, she can spot one a long way away and is always happy to meet them. But as I said black Grey Hounds are recognised by her, but dogs like black Labs she is worried about. And no she has never had a bad experience of one. It does not cause a big problem, its just one of the odd things I've noticed.
  14. I have often thought how hard it must be for most dogs to walk at our speed, I notice when off lead my Whippet, when she is just walking along must be about twice my walking speed. Obviously when she runs she is way faster than even Usain Bolt could manage but I am talking about just her standard walk. So for her and I assume most dogs she must be really trying hard to slow down to my speed when she is on lead.
  15. Oh yes whenever she comes to you it is a big occasion, never be cross with her, I realise you said you hide it but I am just emphasising it. And as to age, in my opinion its not yet an adult, after all a human female can reproduce at say 12 but no way could she be called an adult.