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  1. Can we assume from this comment that you have something to do with this show and that the puppies are being carefully followed up? It would be reassuring to think so. Hopefully as the show progresses we will see how Delia is coping in a more sensible manner in "normal life". It's good to hear that the puppy is ok. juliatee
  2. I am sure you all realise I mean fancy dress! Of course my dog has functional clothing, and I agree about the mummy thing! juliatee
  3. And another thing. Why do people dress up their dogs. They are dogs for goodness sake!,. I have a black dog and all her accoutrements are black. I even draw the line at a coloured harness or lead, but I guess that is just my particular preferences! juliatee
  4. I think that is the gist of it gypsymums - hopefully the general public WILL realise how hard it is to rear a happy well behaved dog. Hopefully none of these situations were quite as bad as we were led to believe. There is never any discussion about toilet training!, That poor leonburger!, juliatee
  5. I think he is amazing too, but I find him irritating!!! Ego the size of a house but deservedly so. I often wonder how long some of the dogs with spinal surgery live and it would be good to have a follow up series, as you suggest with the puppy programme. Hope Animal rescue manages to rehome lots of animal Happy animal viewing.! juliatee
  6. Friday ITV. Teach my pet to do that Mountain rescue man doing a good job, dog out and about all day. Can't see leonburger woman doing much! Or those poor chihuahua people. Golden retriever doing ok eventually as also cocker spaniel I would have locked that child in the dogs crate and let the poor puppy have another time out spot elsewhere!!!! juliatee nb. I could starts on Supervet but no doubt that's been done!!!
  7. Anyone watching this? I can't believe the lives some poor puppies have and I can't believe any breeder would let a leonburger pup go to someone living in a flat! I find myself screaming at the TV in frustration or screwed up with embarrassment.. The programme does make some good comments and all I can hope is it will put some people who think they might like a dog realise that they couldn't cope. juliatee
  8. I don't feed a raw diet but certainly agree with both replies! juliatee
  9. Did anyone see this last week and their comments about raw dog food I.e. That it can cause bacterial infections. Anyone have anything to say??!!! juliatee
  10. Nope, don't have any of that. But it was made in a pottery in Yorkshire!,
  11. She was always a princess and now she's older she is a bitter of a diva!!
  12. I know what gypsymums means about dogs remembering things. My dog developed "bowl horror " a few months ago. And refused to eat out of the bowls she has used all her life. I have no real idea why except that one morning there was an open cupboard door just by where she eats and something fell out onto the floor just by her. I tried different old dog bowls that I had but nothing would do. Now she eats off a dinner plate if you please. I suspect it is easier for her as the food is more spread out and easier for her to pick up and/or see. She is eating better now thankfully. Am considering giving her three smaller feeds a day instead of the normal two. Might be easier on her old tummy. Anyon any thoughts on this. Juliatee
  13. Help needed please! My elderly spaniel bitch is currently getting over a stomach upset. And eating rice and chicken nature diet and scrambled egg. Prior to that she was on a diet of Wafcol sensitive with a bit of Chappie and cooked veg and she was doing really well and then suddenly got really fussy about everything. First it was the Wafcol which she started to leave so I gradually changed over to James Wellbeloved and then it was the Chappie. Now she won't even look at any kibble even if it is soaked. I can't feed her a convalescent diet forever so I would be grateful for any advice. Cheers Juliatee
  14. My 13 year old spayed spaniel bitch has been leaking urine and for the past few weeks propalin syrup has worked fine. She is now leaking again and I shall be going to the vet in the next few days. Anyone had any luck with any other treatment? She is leaking rather than having accidents, Thanks, Juliatee
  15. Tripe sticks! Also I have a large green plastic dish with large knobles sticking up from it! If I am going out for any length of time I put dog meat, yoghurt, anything you can think of between these knob less and keeps her busy for awhile. The idea is that it resembles eating from a bony carcass. For the life of me I can't remember what it is called but you would probably find it under interactive pet toys on Google. Juliatee