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  1. I'm getting mixed up here, I thought Louie was Hughie, and Hughie was a man not a woman...a wonder what Wullie is...haahaahaahaahaa?
  2. Hi. Could anyone suggest the name of a decent pocket torch with a bit of power behind it, as I got caught out last night whilst out with the dog, by the time I got back to the car it was very dark. Thank you.
  3. Haa haa haa...he's one lucky "old boy"...and he said I was rotund as well Tommy, I thought that was a bit below the belt...I can hear the comments now.
  4. My whole heid is bright red and I even had bother washing my face this morning it is that tender. Wonder how the other auld yins got on, ken them that won everything including the raffle. Looking forward to the return leg.
  5. Haahaahaa, bring a chainsaw with your fishing rod, really looking forward to this, its a pity my pups are too young to take part.
  6. Excellent, and that is exactly what I am using, and it seems to be working quite well although keeping them out of the grass is not just that easy, working on it though. Thank you.
  7. I've noticed my whippets have a rash in their inside thighs, belly and armpits/legpits. I was starting to get a bit worried and thought about the vets but sought answers through various dog sites. One thing that seems to have jumped out at me is this "grass rash" and to be quite honest with you it sounds exactly like described, and my dogs have started running through long grass over a local area which will eventually be cut. Does anyone else have whippets who have had this problem and does it go away if you keep them away from long grass?
  8. It was a very enjoyable night out, exciting and funny.
  9. Yabbadabbadooo!!!
  10. No its not the pole, its a good quarter of a mile further on towards Barassie. Its the other car park I was talking about, and its right up against the high tide marks beside the dunes. It may have been cleared-up by now, but I don't know for sure as I am now sticking to the areas behind the dunes, plenty of great walking areas there. The good thing is though most people seem to be aware of it now, and it's a talking point between many dog walkers.
  11. Your dogs are gorgeous, might eventually bump into you at some point. Yeah I know what you mean by the smell, but my dog had a go at licking it and I was shouting like a maniac at it, poor wee thing wondered what was happening, it was me that was out of control. The pieces I saw were from the bottom car park walk straight through the dunes on to the shore, turn left towards Troon, then you come upon a large telegraph pole with a diamond shape on it, can't miss it, twenty yards before it and 100 to 200 yards after it there were large pieces lying.
  12. Well finally came across some and its exactly as described. Solid heavy lump of white stuff, and feeling and looking like the old style firelighters. Found three large pieces about four or five pounds each in weight, scattered along a length of the shore about 300 yards long. Got the dogs on the lead and left the shore up onto the beach park where we were safe from any of the toxic material. Met another dog walker and he said a friend of his had a run-in with the stuff and his dog's face had started swelling, don't know the final outcome. I would have thought the local authorities would have been on the scene, but never saw a soul, and I was wanting to report the location of where it was lying.
  13. It seems some dogs have died of having contact with this palm oil, and others have been quite ill. It looks like a piece of white polystyrene, but when you get closer to it it is solid and does not have the wee individual units of the shapes that make up the polystyrene. It also has a smell, some say, like the old firelighters? I've been keeping off the shore just in case.
  14. Just got a text tonight warning me about Irvine shore. The person kens I excercise my dogs down there and told me there was a warning about toxic palm oil being washed up on the shore. I have no way just now of knowing if this is true or not, but it seems it has been appearing on other shorelines as far away as Cornwall. Just to let other dog owners know, and if its on Irvine shore then I can only assume the whole coastal area must be affected.
  15. Excellent news Tommy boy, I think I'll manage a 50yd dash nae bother pal, I've been training with my pups...haahaahaa.