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  1. Absolutely bonkers but manageable with great care !!
  2. "Google" Quick release leather slip leads, there are loads on ebay!
  3. Of course there quick release clips for "running" dogs over here. A friend used to have them for his lurchers. Something for me to "Google". I'm sure someone on this forum will help you. Scroll down to the "Working and Lure Coursing" section. I'm sure you could ask someone there.
  4. He's a boy, OK Boys also have nipples!! What about your partner / husband !
  5. Hello, I too just hate change !! , I love the friendliness ( with no "bitching" or "bullying" tactics ) of everyone here it will be sad if the change were to disrupt this friendly forum. I agree with gypsysmum2 about having a vet on board, but maybe one with (conventional, holistic and raw feeding understanding too.) who could be more open and understand all methods of treatments and remedies. Did any of that make any sense ?
  6. looks like a nipple to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thank you for the support. I have brought some calming sprays and diffusers for dogs and tablets as well as new comfy bed to put next to my bed tonight. I hope these might help him

    1. excuseme


      It is worth trying different things for bedtime to help your "oldie" without using chemicals from the vet.

      We found that in our situation a bed time coat "pyjamas" was best for our girl .

      You will get loads of support from Joanne and Gipsysmum if needed.

      Good luck.

  8. One of our old dogs started doing strange things at night. (she was put to sleep about 6 years ago), at the age of 13. Some mornings we had to go looking for her around the house, sometimes outside in the shed, other times outside squeezed in beside the freezer, on top of boxes. There were times we had to touch her to see if she was warm or stiff, but she always woke up wondering what all the fuss was about! Silly old lady but happy! At this time we started to put some "pyjamas" on her every night just in case she got cold when sleeping out in the shed! Her special pyjamas --- EQUAFLEECE, polo neck, kept her nice and cosy, she waited every night to put her "pyjamas" on. We still have this special coat of hers 6 years on. Oh how I love "old dogs" !
  9. Good to hear that the problem seems to be solved. Updates are always welcome. The farmers are also spraying a lot of their fields at the moment where this years crops have been taken from, in preparation for cultivation again. Enjoy your pup !
  10. Hello, Was your puppy scratching when you got her ? when did you notice the scratching / itching start ? What was your puppy eating before she came to you? It is highly unlikely that your raw diet is the cause. There could be so many reasons, has she reacted to her vaccinations, worming or flea products. Or maybe even the puppy shampoo, (has this washed out her natural oils and made her skin feel uncomfortable and itchy). Unfortunately our vet is not always the best person to talk about diets with, at college they may get 1/2 day of tuition about feeding an here they are told that a kibbled diet loaded with grains is the best for their dogs, so this is what they have to believe! You have made a good choice of diet, so please do not change in haste! Have you considered looking for a holistic or raw feeding vet, who will be able to understand your reason for raw feeding and concerns. Could I suggest that you either register with the "Honeys" website and order totally FREE of charge, their fantastic little book "Honey's Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs", it is easy to read and understand and makes a lot of sense. There are no further emails to sell you their products. OR, you can purchase this fantastic little book from AMAZON for just 1p. Honey's also offer free expert telephone advice :01672 620 620. I am nothing to do with Honey's. I just believe in their little book.
  11. What type of puppy do you have, and how old is he ? Are you a full time mum or like most of us maybe you have to work too. How long is he in the cage during the day and evenings? Do you take your puppy out for a wee or poo at 4 am, this may be what is waking him. Maybe your puppy thinks he has spent long enough in his cage for so many hours. It is very difficult for a puppy and very lonely, night times are very long for a young puppy shut in a cage by itself after leaving mum and siblings. Have you put a blanket over the top of his cage to make it more den like so that he can feel secure. As JoanneF always suggests, can you put the crate in your bedroom for quiet comfort. How much mental play time do you give your puppy and what time does he actually spend loose and out of his cage with his new family. There are so many different suggestions and ideas. Wait for JoanneF, who I am sure will be along soon, she is fantastic with her ideas.
  12. Happy day's !!
  13. Growing up.
  14. Lovely pictures. Enjoy your puppy "Dave".
  15. Yes all cockers, (working type) We have never managed to produce a tri colour though! The puppy picture was after the puppies had had a glorious time playing quiet hard. Without any notice they all seemed to just "crash out" and we could do anything with them while they had their exhausted sleeps. We searched the garden and found all of the puppies sleeping in different places, so picked them up and put them in a heap. It made a lovely picture ! (none of them woke up while being moved ). Great fun! Dear Dave! he is lovely. it is amazing how much puppies change and grow in their first few weeks