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  1. Timber has for a long time been moderately interested in the usual animal noises etc on tv. But Countryfile tonight is doing the One Man and his Dog finals (?). He is hyper alert. He is whistle trained for recall, but I read somewhere I think that different tones are different to the dog so I was quite surprised. Thoughts anyone? Is he missing his vocation?
  2. I agree but with the caveat that we can't see exactly where it is in relation to the rest of your dog's body - a wider photo would help. And can anybody else add to the mention of it crusting - that would be a slight concern for me.
  3. I'm not sure if this is something we can just change our settings for - but I get alerts that 'someone' has liked a post. I might be a bit narcissistic but I'd quite like to know who! Is that something the liker or the likee (?) can change?
  4. Hello. I have to be honest (and a bit naive maybe) but I didn't realise that forums are 'owned' as such. I don't have much to suggest, I like this forum because of the way it is - but hello anyway.
  5. Dogs can, like humans, get an age related dementia. I have no direct experience with it in dogs but in humans disorientation and confusion at night time is quite common. Your vet may be able to prescribe something that helps. Although if sleeping on your bed would be reassuring for him, I'd reconsider that.
  6. I might be way off here but something occurred to me. She was ok after the op, and she was ok with the sitter. After her op, she would probably be exercising less - did you reduce her food? Is it possible at all on her normal regime that you are overfeeding? If her sitter gave less and she had less after her spey could that be a key? Overfeeding does cause runny tummies. I don't know if it's possible but thought it was worth a mention.
  7. Oooh la la!
  8. Try a dessert spoonful assuming she is a normal sized whippet.
  9. What about adding some live yoghurt to her food, to balance the friendly bacteria in her gut? It at least can't do any harm.
  10. Raw green tripe is supposed to be good for balancing gut health.
  11. I *think* breeders publish their test results, maybe on the Kennel Club website? But try the breed society for more detail. They will be delighted to help, and will be really pleased you are planning so carefully. They may also know of members planning litters.
  12. He is shocking but a lot of Emma's messages are really on point. Apparently she is a real expert in separation anxiety. I have my French language group meeting here tomorrow, I may not ask them though! I have to be honest, I have never learned to swear in French, but there was one occasion when we were standing outside a restaurant in La Rochelle reading the menu board. An English lady next to us also reading the board turned and nearly tripped over Timber. She obviously didn't realise we were British because she came out with "stupid f***ing dog!" I was able to tell her he wasn't a stupid effing dog (I can't even swear in English), she should just look where she was going. She was so taken aback, she clearly hadn't expected to be understood! One of life's little smug moments ...
  13. As well as what Gypsysmum suggests, I'd also try having her on a long line - not to pull her in against her will, but just as a sort of safety precaution so you can get close to her if you need to, to start luring her back.
  14. Yes, they are great. I'm also a big fan of Emma Judson's cartoons (Foul Mouthed Fido - not for those of a sensitive disposition). She uses cartoons to give important messages relating to training and behaviour. Have a look at her Facebook page to see some of her work but be aware that Fido' s slogan is 'Telling it like it f***'ing is' so if language offends you, perhaps give it a miss!