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  1. Thought I would share these articles from the Breakthrough dog food website. Breakthrough is the brainchild of Val Strong, one of the top behaviourists in the country and a Director of COAPE. She was a Medical Scientist before she became a behaviourist. The food is intended for dogs with behaviour problems. I am using it, and finding it helpful, on Tigan. If you want to work on your dog's noise phobia then check out the cd's that are available to de sensitise your dog before the firework season gets here in earnest.
  2. If your vet is fed up with seeing you then they start to think outside the box. Vets see cases of diarrhoea several times in each surgery session and there are at least two surgery sessions a day. They can become a bit blasé about it. If you keep seeing the same vet it may trigger them to think that this is not normal in any dog. If you think they are not taking you seriously then ask for a referral to a specialist. There are some neurotic owners out there and you just have to convince your vet that you are not one of them. My old lurcher had a sore on her toe that just refused to heal. I took her to the vets' several times and they gave the usual advice about keeping it clean and preventing it from rubbing against the next toe (!). This entailed me dressing the foot several times a day. My back was killing me from all the bending and bandaging! I, eventually, asked for the clinical director of the practice when I next phoned for an appointment. I saw her a couple of times and she then became concerned about the non healing toe. She did bloods which threw up a thyroid problem and, eventually. a tumour on her adrenal gland was discovered. Such a tiny, tiny symptom, that I am sure I was labelled as being a bit neurotic over, was caused by a major problem.
  3. I have seen crusty nipples before now. I thought, at the time, it was just worth keeping an eye on for any signs of inflammation etc. This is not, however, a veterinary opinion and any concerns should be addressed to your vet.
  4. No need to apologise. We are all here to learn. Now you know something you didn't know before
  5. I do so feel for you. Let's hope that something comes from you keeping a diary. When Tigan had his diarrhoea recently the vet asked if he drank from puddles. He wouldn't go near a puddle, normally, in case he got his feet wet (ha ha) but he had been drinking from them just before the diarrhoea. Local dog walkers reported a spate of v + d in dogs and their vets had blamed it on "something in the soil" that happens in hot weather. Now, are these two things linked, and are the vets all talking about Giardia? I have asked the new moderators on this forum if they can recruit a vet or a vet nurse to explain all these things (I did work as a vet nurse when I first left school but I am not admitting how many years ago that was!)
  6. Just had a thought! Could you persuade a retired vet to come on board? If not then a vet nurse who is up to date with all the latest treatments?
  7. You say she is more like an Italian Greyhound than a Whippet so she is pooing quite a lot. This may sort itself out when you reduce the amount of food she has. When normal she can go from 6.30pm right through to 11.30am. That is quite a long time so it shows that she is able to hold on when she is well. When they test for Giardia do they take several samples or just the one? You have noticed that the Tylosin works so is it that she is just re infecting with Giardia each time and that is why it is so intermittent? A friend told me that it is in the environment and can be picked up anywhere. Mostly damp places apparently. I am sure that my dog acquired it in the rescue kennels. Another friend's dog got if from a stray cat she took in.
  8. Me too.
  9. Giardia can re occur. My dog had it, before I got him, and I was told that it makes the gut lining quite sensitive. This may be why my dog cannot tolerate bulky things like bone meal. When my dog had diarrhoea, recently, my vet was ready to treat for Giardia again if the antibiotics had not worked. A vet nurse friend said that her dog had it and always did lots of small faeces throughout the day.
  10. Thanks for the update. We are all learning and every bit if feedback adds to the pool of knowledge.
  11. Hello. I, too. like the forum the way it is. It is a very friendly place. If we disagree with something someone else says then we do not attack that person or try to "out do" that person by posting forcefully. There are people on here with a wealth of knowledge and they share it with no thanks from the "forum owners". Yes the recipients of the advice are grateful but it would be nice to see some sort of input on that front. It would be nice to know the new owners' background in the dog world? I know selling advertising is the way many forums are financed. This concerns me somewhat as it can seem as though by posting advice on here we are in some way sanctioning the products that are advertised.
  12. I agree with Joanne. What about a cosy crate next to your bed? You could try giving him something with your scent on too. Must be awful to be deaf and wake up not knowing where everyone is. We can read or watch tv, with subtitles, but a dog must feel totally isolated. You would think that having a doggy companion would help but, as with separation anxiety, it does not work like that. Dogs become very bonded to their human. There has been huge advances in geriatric medicine so well worth a trip to the vet to see if they can help him.
  13. Look in the puppy forum under the Whippet puppy vomiting thread for info on dealing with separation anxiety.
  14. I would be as concerned as you are. So don't worry about going on about it If you are insured could you ask for a referral? I agree that the colonoscopy seems to be a bit of a step too far at this stage, especially if she is well in herself. A specialist might just spot something that has been missed. My latest rescue had pooping issues for ages. His was formed poop but he would do it in the house at night. I finally tracked it down to being any kind of bone material in his diet. Even a calcium supplement (bone meal?) would cause it. His gut wall must be very sensitive (he had giardia before I got him) and it cannot cope with any kind of bulky hard material in it. He just had to expel it there and then. I assume your dog has been tested for giardia? They usually do it from a poo sample. Worth ringing your vet and asking for someone to check all the tests to make sure it was included.
  15. That looks great. Thank you!