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  1. pretty sure that my first French word learnt at school was 'merde' apparently French for shit!!
  2. Aw, he does look a lovely dog.
  3. Hi CD89. You have my full sympathy. I had exactly the same problem with my Cockapoo, Evie. I persevered for 13 months, following advice and trying a variety of methods - nothing worked. At 13 months I gave up and brought a Halti. Wonderful. Worked like magic immediately. Walks on lead are now a pleasure for both of us and my only regret is that I didn't try it earlier. As excuseme has said some do stop needing the Halti and I continue to treat Evie when she's walking nicely and hoping that one day she'll no longer need to wear it. There are different types of 'Halti' type head collars and I know Gypsysmum has other preferences. Good luck.
  4. What lovely pictures excuse me. I agree Joanne, in my opinion the only thing that comes close to a puppy's tummy is a baby's bottom.
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum. My dog has always enjoyed lying on her back legs splayed. Not very elegant for a lady! Will attempt to attach photos - aged 8 weeks and 14 months. Dave is a lovely puppy and a great name.
  6. Welcome to the forum Julie. This is a very friendly place with lots of helpful and knowledgeable people.
  7. So glad it has worked for you too.
  8. Welcome Bob. As escuseme has said this is a very friendly forum.
  9. Very good, excuse me! Glad to hear your husband is ok.
  10. I have a 15 month Cockapoo and she too pulls constantly on her lead. I spent 12 months trying every method I found. She does know what is required, because if she pulls, I stop, she turns and brings herself back to me, we then set off again but she immediately gets to the end of the lead, I stop and so it goes on. Can take us an age to cover the smallest distance. At 13 months I bought a Halti collar and hey presto she stopped pulling immediately and now our walks are a pleasure for us both. I still treat her intermittently especially when she is walking alongside me in the hope that one day I'll be able to remove the Halti. I do wish you good luck though because I know how frustrating it can be. Not to mention painful!
  11. Good luck then Wotho!!! Your husband is a lot braver than mine excuse me!
  12. I'm no expert but I'd probably give it a go. My husband would t touch it with a barge pole!! I'm guessing that being frozen for so long would just reduce quality rather than safety. Let us know how you get on if you're able to, of course! Lol
  13. Goodness bub1, I seem to have upset you somewhat, this was not my intention and I apologise. I was expressing my views on what I had seen on the TV. I have no idea on what happens behind the scenes or when the cameras are turned off. If, as you say, this lady now has a very happy and well balanced puppy then that is great. What this does mean though is that the TV company have chosen to show us an ill prepared and presumably inexperienced owner taking a puppy home and this will make no difference at all as to whether you end up with a well balanced adult dog. This is obviously not the case in most instances. I was a very inexperienced owner when I bought my puppy last year and spent a long time before purchase, reading lots and watching training videos. Once she was home I used this forum constantly seeking advice from some very experienced people on this forum. I do disagree with your comment that even an experienced person can be ill prepared. If you are buying any animal then there is no excuse for not doing what you can to be prepared beforehand but of course, things crop up that you hadn't foreseen. I haven't passed comment on the rest of the programme because I wasn't able to watch it all.
  14. Did you ask her if this was the first puppy she had owned. If it is then this might explain why she was so ill prepared when she collected it from the breeder and brought it home for the first time. This doesn't explain however why the breeder let her take it under these conditions. When we bought our puppy, the breeder spent a long time vetting us and asking lots of pertinent questions,. We then had to sign to confirm that we would treat her well and would return her to the breeder should any problems arise.
  15. Then I suspect that the TV company have done some clever editing to make it more 'entertaining', which I still think sends out the wrong message to potential puppy owners. Even worse really if people think they can bring a new puppy into their home with no preparation and little apparent understanding of a puppies needs and then hey presto they end up with a well behaved and well adjusted nine month old .