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  1. Biker John, thanks! Yeah I am expecting to be interrogated by breeders when I come to contact them.. and rightly so - just means they care about the dogs.
  2. Thanks for all your advice gypsymum2. That's really helpful. I did wonder about looking for breeders or owners who work their dogs or take part in activities rather than only showing.
  3. Hi! Can I ask what you mean by evidence of health testing? Are you just referring to certificates from the breeder themselves? I was sceptical about adverts on the websites I had mentioned. I have however had a look today searching the names of the parent dogs on them and finding them some of them on champdogs. I assume if they are on champdogs and have all relevent info on there that they should be fine? I've decided though that if the only place I can find info on a litter or dog is on gumtree or similar then I will avoid that. I have not yet decided exactly when would be the best time to bring home a new puppy. How far ahead would you suggest contacting breeders? Thanks for your answer and your suggestion of the Guide Dog Association as this was something I hadn't thought of.
  4. Haha, hi! I live in the Shetland Islands!
  5. Hi everyone, I am thinking about getting a puppy in the not too distant future. It may be a while away yet but I am trying to research as much as I can from now anyway. I am fairly certain the breed I want a golden retriever. I have never had my own before but had one in my life as a child whom I fell in love with and have always had a soft spot for the breed. To include a bit of background, me and my partner are a young couple without children so far. We live in a house with medium sized garden front and back. We live in the countryside on a rural island (UK). This will be my second dog, my last being a cross breed so I don't have experience of choosing a pedigree dog. One thing I could be more clued up on are the technicalities when choosing a puppy. I have looked at countless adverts for puppies online and obviously many mention hip scores, health screenings, pedigrees and KC registration amongst other things. What I am wondering is basically what is the most important of these things for me. My dog would be purely a family pet, I would not be buying him for work, show or breeding purposes. Where we live is very limited in terms of finding breeders due to small population on the island, so we would likely have to find a breeder on the UK mainland somewhere and bring him home with us. Where should I be looking? There are lots of puppies advertised on sites like pets4homes and gumtree. Do some reputable breeders advertise on these sites? Obviously I would take the usual precautions such as meeting the puppies and parents, not giving money before picking up puppy etc. Anything else I should be thinking of or asking please let me know also. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi guys, thanks for your replies. I did not realise that anyone had replied to me as I didn't get any notifications or emails or anything. I have decided to muzzle train him using the method that you mentioned, gypsysmum2. I already have a baskerville muzzle for him. I am then planning on getting both a vet and a behaviourists opinion. I'm also going to try some over-the-counter remedies. Thanks again.
  7. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and looking for any advice or information. This is a difficult subject and I would appreciate if everyone could refrain from judging or making nasty comments as I feel horrible enough already! I have a border collie/greyhound mix, 4 years and had him since he was a pup. He has very serious anxiety issues which have been a challenge right from the beginning. He has separation anxiety and has destroyed my house to a point you would not believe. I hated going home for a long time, as I would return to bits of door and frame all over the hallway. I have only just got it (almost) back to the point that it is presentable, but he goes through stages and I never know when he will start again. I tried crating him at one point using suggested methods such as gradual introduction and positive association with the crate. If I remember correctly all was well for about a week and then one day he chewed through the metal bars, opened crate and got out. He then proceeded to chew at the window, managed to open that too and escaped into the neighbourhood. He is extremely whiny, restless and on edge even with tremendous amounts of exercise. I believe he is never truly relaxed. He paces back and forth indoors and as soon as he thinks you are going to move off the couch he RUNS through the house. Recently he has cut his head running into the door. He is always anxious to know what is happening. When visitors he knows come over, for instance my mother today, he is so excited and restless, it is not enjoyable for me or the guest, and I'm fairly sure he does not enjoy it either. Even if he loves the person, the experience of having a guest in the house is stressful for him. Obviously he cannot tell me this but I am sure. He can't relax when someone is here and by the time they leave I am exhausted by his whining, pacing etc. In the car he whines and barks out of anxiety and this is extremely distracting and stressful whilst driving. However, I can deal with all of that stuff.. the biggest problem is his aggression. He is extremely territorial. He barks very aggressively as soon as someone knocks on the door, if he hears a voice shout hello he absolutely loses it. Once the person comes through the door he will bark viciously and lunge towards them, crouching and jumping around. It is really scary. He has bitten once already. A woman he did not know was passing my parents' very rural home whilst he was outside with my brother. Their garden is less secure that mine and he leaped over the wall, chased her down the road and bit her on the bum. After this incident I cried and cried and went back and forth for weeks on what to do. I made myself quite ill. I have anxiety and depression myself and this whole situation has been terrible for my mental health. At home the dog basically only ever accepts people he has known well from very early puppyhood. This includes my immediate family and one or two family friends. My poor boyfriend cannot have his friends or even his parents in our home. His parents have literally never stepped foot in our house. ONCE we managed to have two friends over for drinks. However, this was only possible because the dog had spend 3/4 hours with them on the beach beforehand, and even then he would not settle and irritated our guests. It's really isolating. Another major issue is that the dog is so stranger aggressive that we can't take him to the vets. The last two times he went it was so horrendously traumatising for everyone involved (us, the dog, the vet and all the surgery staff). Me and my boyfriend had to take him back outside and tackle him in the car park to get a muzzle on him. He has needed to be muzzled on both occasions and the procedures would not have been possible otherwise. I hope to consult a vet and a behaviourist about these issues. However, i feel that his aggression and anxiety are so severe that they will suggest euthanasia for both the safety of others and the quality of life of my dog. It breaks my heart to think about this. I would love to work with a behaviourist but I fear that it is beyond that point. Even if the behaviour is improved, I am fairly sure he will never be completely trusted. I can't avoid having people over forever. What happens when me and my boyfriend want to have children? Probably in the next 3-5 years. Even if he seemed fine around our children, I I admit that I did not get this dog from a reputable breeder, he is a crossbreed and I am aware of the fact he was taken away from his mother at a young age. He was my first dog, and my ex-partner was not very helpful with training, often encouraging problem behaviour. I have made my mistakes too along the line However I truly believe that the dogs brain is not wired right and I don't know what to do. Please don't judge me too much for this. I've had the dog 4.5 years now and adapted my life to suit him. I have tried really hard and now just looking for some help.