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  1. You're very welcome
  2. Hello! No bothered about any changes as long as stuff continues to work properly Have hosted/run/administered many online forums over the years ad I know the workload that can be involved, so best wishes to all concerned. I've not been here that long, but everyone has been friendly and helpful, long may it continue.
  3. Had these dog product sample boxes pointed out to me recently, ordered one and have to say I was very impressed with the contents for the price. They also give you a £9.99 credit to use in the Amazon Pet Store too. I posted as I thought it might interest others.
  4. Just had a look at FMF, like it Text from Dog is also very funny!
  5. Stumbled upon these earlier, can you recognise any of your dogs/situations here? I certainly can!
  6. Good luck with your search and it's heartening to see you're doing research beforehand instead of jumping straight in, sadly like so many do. I have to ask out of curiosity - do you live on actual island or are you describing the UK as a rural island?
  7. Thanks for the replies all. Here's looking forward to many more happy years
  8. Well, it's a year to the day since I became a dog owner, and I'm still loving it! And thanks for all the helpful advice from the residents of this fine parish, too
  9. I don't think you can insulate yourself from this - the Occupier's Liability Act says you a duty of care to all visitors, lawful or otherwise. That said, I have a similar sign, not because our dog will bark (quite the opposite - he loves people despite mistreatment in his previous life) but in effort to make sure our gate stays shut so he doesn't get out. Please let us know what your local Dog Warden says, I'm sure it'll interest many of us!
  10. Thanks all for the replies @excuseme - he's a medium sized dog, just a shade under 15kg.
  11. Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delayed response, been away. I didn't think it was a cooked bone, I avoid them for the reasons you've mentioned. I also don't think it was him yelping for fear of us taking away the bone as he was in one end of the kitchen and we were in the opposite end. Nothing untoward has manifested itself over the last few days so I'm putting it down to him swallowing a piece a bit too big or getting something stuck between his teeth. Either way, we chucked the remaining bone away!
  12. Nightmare! As a bit of a treat we let him have another chew on the bone yesterday. Whilst chewing away, he let out three very loud and distressed-sounding yelps. We tried to take the bone away to see what was wrong, but he picked it up and ran off with it (all indoors by the way). We swapped it with chicken and I tried to look into his mouth, but couldn't see anything obvious, but he's not great at letting me look in there. His behaviour and eating are normal. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why he may have cried out? He was being watched at the time and nothing appeared to take place that could cause him to yelp. Obviously this has shaken our faith in letting him have bones
  13. Well, I bought him a bone from Pets at Home as I had to get a few other bits and pieces. The bone is about the size of a clenched fist and was filled with chicken and stuffing. Thought it'd be a good intro for him as he's not had a bone with us and I've no idea what he's been eating before he came to the UK. Anyway, he loves it! We let him have it in little sittings, and as @gypsysmum2 said above, after 10 minutes or so, a couple pieces of chicken to distract him and tuck the bone away for another day. Observations - my god, the crunching and grating sound when he's chewing the bone grosses me out! I like the way he holds the bones between his two front teeth to chew it! Another question - how long does a bone last before it becomes inedible (if that's the right word)? It's fairly big for him and I don't want it to go bad before he's finished it. Thank you all again for the really helpful advice
  14. Hi Bob, welcome to the forum.
  15. Episode 4 - uplifting. Some real lump in the throat moments.