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  1. Thanks, (with nervous smile) x
  2. Hello dogmatize, gypsysmum2, and excuseme, I am grateful for your comments from your experiences. There are no children. Fully appreciate what you say. We will hold on tight and hope we can ride out the storm!
  3. Ooops, just realised Zorro is a male name! So, ZOLA (female equivalent) x
  4. Extra extra Cute! Beautiful colouring. ZORRO (because of that smart mask) x
  5. Hello Dogmatize and gypsysmum2 for your responses. I do live in England. I have never considered these before, but had wondered if they were a possible good idea (with the co-operation of the dog of course). Thanks for your comments and explaining, much appreciated. I may give it a go!
  6. Are these a good idea for a dog 'in season'? (just to wear indoors) Could someone who knows explain ... I have seen individual pants described as washable, and a pack of diapers. So would my young female dog need the pants and diapers, or just diapers, or several pants? I know my query sounds daft, hence needing someone who uses these to help me understand what to buy (or not). Grateful thanks
  7. Hi gypsysmum2, I fully understand and agree with this. Wish we had a country retreat, where I could go for three weeks! Just hoping we can manage the situation without too much distress. We will hold on tight.
  8. I somehow sensed that would be the case .... Just holding a 1000/1 chance that someone would say: "easy peasy"!!
  9. Why not leave a space, so the Sign reads: "Be aware of the Dog" (Agree, best to check first)
  10. As anyone experienced living with a male dog 'entire' with a female puppy when she has her first 'Season'? Is it impossible, bonkers or manageable?
  11. Hello Autumnbee, You tell him off instantly he even thinks about it! VERY firmly, with a loud clap of your hands very close to him, and an assertive "No, Stop"! Making it perfectly clear him that YOU object to this behaviour towards your other dog, and will not accept it. Keep it simple and CLEAR ... Loud hand clap close to him, and very firm; "No, Stop".
  12. Breathing ok and bottom-parts ok ...... BUT - is he dribbling and walking in circles??
  13. Well, what can I say?? Based on the overall opinions received (see first 'confident' pic) ..... I looked at the Chicken Meal ... and the Chicken Meal looked at me! ... and 'we' decided that the Chicken Meal would not be consumed I could not take the stress of shall or shall not!!
  14. Discovered a Chicken Ready Meal at the bottom of my Freezer - but it is three years old! Anyone know if I can safely defrost and cook it? Thanks (hopefully)