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  1. I think I have been lucky with my dogs and cats. I have never separated them when briniging a new animal into the house. I just leave them to go about their business. Even bringing a new pup Cody into the fold the cats didn't have a problem with him. To the point where they all settle and sleep together at night. So I think I am very lucky there. I also taught the cats to go into their carry boxes for when they go to the vets. No chasing around or scratches etc., I just open the door and in they go.
  2. There is nothing wrong with taking a puppy home on a train. With my Jake I had to get a bus then 3 trains to get him and the same back. I brought him back in my arms. Admittedly I took collar and lead in case he needed to get down quickly for the toilet
  3. No I didn't ask her. It's not my place to ask her. The puppy is well looked after and loved that's all that matters. Just because your breeder did that doesn't mean to say all breeders should do it. None of the people I got my pups off did it. The pup has got a loving home and will not end up in a shelter etc., i have known people to be vetted etc., and the dogs still end up in rescues so getting doesn't mean anything. At one time or another there are loads of people that have got a pup home without any experience we have all started off like this me included I was brought up in a flat we wasn't allowed animals in there so are you saying that I was inexperienced to/ill prepared? I have 5 dogs, 2 cats and a parrot. At one time I had 6 dogs and 3 cats. Evennthe most experienced person can be unprepared. I noticed you have yet to air views on the lady with the chi's. Certain people on here think they know it all and are the be all and end all of dogs. They are not. Also they try and push feeding raw on to people. People come on here for advice etc., not to be told they are idiots and doing everything wrong
  4. I have nothing to do with the show. I contacted delia via her website and asked her how her and Shiva were getting on. That is how I know
  5. Delia has worked hard to train Shiva. The program was done roughly in November last year. You are just watching a program you don't know what is happening in normal life. Both new owner and puppy will learn together.
  6. I can assure you all the lady with the leonburger has not rehoned the pup. She is doing really well now and is well behaved and now 9 months old.
  7. Hi Christina if you are worried about little ones swollen tummy take her to the vet to have it checked. When did she get wormed? I am not sure how long the worming process takes lol. See how Daisy May goes tonight and if you are still worried about her in the morning book her in to see the vet. It may be normal but it will put your mind at rest. X
  8. Hi christina Daisy May is only little so it would probably hurt her. Most of mine have cried for a couple of days after the jab. 2nd jab is done at different times by different vets. Ours doesn't do the 2nd one until 10 weeks and over. Because Cody is a big dog our vet gives top so he goes next sat for that as vet says normal lot in big dogs doesn't always take. It will be interesting to see how much he weighs now. I bet Daisy May weight is coming on fine. Dont worry about not being computer savvy I am still getting to grips with it. As for Daisy May sleeping with you I have 3 yorkies and a cat sleeping on my bed. With Cody on the floor by the side of the bed. Remember Daisy May wants comfort and to be near you. She is just a baby. Happy Birthday for next week. Just to add our Scottish terrier sleeps with my son. My hubby sleeps in our other bedroom reason is he snores terribly and keeps me awake lol
  9. Hi Christina Your pup is lovely. I hope settling in well. Feed pup at least 4 meals a day. Little and often that will build pup up. You will find the best food that suits Daisy. Most of the time its trial and error but it will sort itself out. You will also work out how much to give. I am sorry to hear about your other dog I lost my German Shepherd Jake in march. we now have a new German Shepherd pup Cody who is 12 weeks today. He had a bad belly a couple of weeks ago glad to say he is better now. Please keep us updated as to how both you and Daisy get on. Below is our Cody. X
  10. Thankyou. I am really pleased.
  11. I pay £90 for 3 yorkies. That's wash, cut, blow dry. Nails clipped.
  12. Cody went back to day for his 2nd jab and can start walking out from next Saturday. He now has a clean bill of health and has put in 2kg.
  13. I havent used a crate for any of my boys (dogs) including the new pup. He does however have access to the garden and apart from his upset tummy has been going into the garden. He does not go to the toilet at night (he did when he had upset tum which is now ok). I think you should take in to consideration all the advice given to you on here as some of it is brilliant. When I go out pup (cody) goes into the kitchen my other boys like to go to their beds upstairs. I have not had any accidents as yet.
  14. Hi yes it is. Well last night he only went to the big ones once so that was good. He has had one of his tablets this morning and I will feed him shortly. He takes his tablet like they are treats so that's good. Thankyou for all of your help. His name is Cody.
  15. Sorry also been given canegest and hills science sensitive dry food and sensitive tinned. Fingers crossed I hope this works. Does anyone know how long the metronidazole takes to work he has 7 days supply. Thankyou.