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  1. Thank you so much for all your help and interest in our organisation.
  2. We already have strong links with rescue centres such as Battersea, Jerry Green, Dogs Trust etc. who are fantastic at letting us know when suitable dogs come up. Our aim with reaching out this way is to widen our search area into pet dog homes as well as rescue. We have in the past had huge success with dogs from other rehoming sites. If you would like any more information please call our centre on 0114 2617800.
  3. We promote a reward based method of training for all our dogs under assessment, in training and then with their client. We use food, toys, and lots of verbal praise to reinforce the behaviours we want to see. We don't use any kind of verbal or physical punishment and have a blanket ban on things like choke chains, shock collars, deterrent sprays etc. We also like to encourage our dogs through free-choice training as this helps them to make the right decisions in future. We heavily manage our training environments to set our dogs up to succeed rather than to make mistakes. Hope that helps!
  4. Morning, Thanks for your reply. We completely understand the need for verification. Our website is if anyone would like more info about what we do. We prefer to work with medium-large breeds as they tend to suit the requirements of our clients more, but have had success in the past with spaniels and other gundogs.
  5. Support Dogs are a UK based assistance dog charity, training dogs to help transform the lives of those affected by Autism, Epilepsy and physical disability. We do not have our own breeding programme and so are currently looking for new dogs to join our training programmes. We are looking for dogs between the ages of 15 months and 3 years old. We accept most breeds, but can provide more information on request. If you have a special dog who is looking for a new home, or know of someone who does, please contact our team on 0114 261 7800 or email